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Concert Bands and Orchestras April 29-May 2, 2020
Jazz Bands and Jazz Combos April 30-May 2, 2020
Parade May 2, 2020


Plan Today To Come To Colorado’s Community Run Band Festival, The 82nd Annual Music & Blossom Festival In Cañon City, Colorado

Dear Band Director, On April 29-May2, 2020, the City of Cañon City, Colorado will be hosting the 82nd Annual Music and Blossom Festival. This is Colorado’s only community run Band Festival. 

I cordially invite you and your students to participate in this spectacular musical event. The festival offers competition performances in concert, jazz, orchestra and parade. 

The weekend of music and entertainment is both competitive and non-competitive. Details of participation for competition, exhibition, festival ratings or judge’s critique are found on this website.

I sincerely hope that you will accept this invitation and make the 82nd Annual Music and Blossom Festival the highlight of your school year for you and your students. 

The City of Cañon City and the Music and Blossom Festival Corporation have provided a quality musical experience for over 150,000 students during its 82 year history. 

 Plan now to attend during the weekend of April 29 - May 2, for the 82nd Annual Music and Blossom Festival in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado.


Classification is based on a four year total enrollment of your high school as of the October 1st count. If you are a 3 year high school, you must adjust your enrollment upward by adding 1/3 of the enrollment to the 3 year enrollment figure. Class A 1-599 Class AA 600-1199 Class AAA 1200 and up

  • Open Class Concert and Jazz Bands Each school may enter a second Concert or Jazz Band in the Open Class category provided there are approved duplications of personnel. Enter your first group as 1, second as 2, along with the ensemble name, i.e. Wind Ensemble, Concert Bands
  • Orchestras are entered for Ratings Onl

Entry Fees • $100 per Unit Entry $100 for each Concert Band or Orchestra $100 for each Jazz Band All Entry Fees are waived if your school marches in the parade 

Middle School Classifications Class A 1-499 Class AA 500 and up Middle Schools may only enter concert and jazz bands for ratings only. Parade Bands may compete for a competitive score or ratings only.


Festival Plaques for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place in each category, each class. Trophies for Auxiliary, Percussion, Drum Major, Soloist and Sections. Orchestras receiving a Superior Rating. 

Sweepstakes Award 

Given to the school accumulating the most points by rankings in each competitive category. 

The Awards presented by the Cañon City Music and Blossom Festival provide an incentive for students in various performing organizations to strive for musical excellence in their performances. As a reward for these accomplishments, we present distinctive and impressive trophies that are sure to provide many years of pride and fond memories.